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Who currently is the best offensive team

Since nearly every new rule implemented in the past few years hurts the defense, the NFL has quickly turned into an offensive league. If you do not have a great offense, then you have absolutely no chance to advance to the Super Bowl. The NFL season is set to begin in a few months, and everyone is wondering what team is going to be lighting up the scoreboards.

The two best offenses in the NFL during the 2012 season were (more…)

NFL teams current schedule for the 2012 season

If you want to analyze the NFL season, it helps to look through the 2012 schedule. This shows you all of the match-ups and the results, which can offer some important insights about how the match-ups are going to go in the future. Of course, history does not always repeat itself, but you can learn a fair bit about what might happen.

For example, you could take a look at the way that the Denver Broncos easily handled the Oakland Raiders and see that the Raiders just could not stop the Broncos’ passing game.Confused? September 2013

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