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    Different types of dust collectors use different requirements
    發布者:Wan He  發布時間:2017/7/6 15:46:08  點擊:2715
    In the process of using industrial dust collector, mainly refers to the dust smoke pores, mainly         through its filter layer, the dust particles in the air flow will be filter blocking capture, so as to a certain extent, it will effectively realize the gas solid separation equipment.
            Industrial dust collector usually use organic fiber or inorganic fiber fabric made of the filter as the filter layer with duplicate attached to the outer surface of the bag of powder, powder thickening layer continuously, industrial bag dust collector resistance value increases; pulse valve diaphragm instruction about submerged pulse valve opening.
            In the process of judging whether the dust collector is qualified or not, the most important is the relevant parameters of the equipment,
            As a qualified explosion-proof dust collector, there are many technical parameters, of which the most important technical parameters are power, as well as the treatment of air flow, filtration area and static pressure.
            Anti riot dust collection routine selection 380V, EXd II BT4 specifications. The power has 2.2kW, 3.7KW, and 4kw, the equipment in the process of use, the amount of air treatment refers to the equipment in the unit time can purify the volume of gas, the unit is cubic meters per hour or cubic meters per hour.
            Bag type dust collector in the design process, the most important is the air volume design, and in the process of selection, generally can not use dust collector than its prescribed air flow, otherwise the filter bag is easy to plug, shorten life, pressure loss greatly rise.
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