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    Processing material and ash cleaning pressure of filter dust collector
    發布者:Wan He  發布時間:2017/7/19 16:18:26  點擊:2670
            The main equipment of the dust filter in the process of the main is effective use of the microporous superfine fiber cloth and fine dust and gas separation of submicron dust, dust filter is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, electric power, cement and other industries.
            If the filter according to its use can be effectively divided into pneumatic conveying system with filter and silo dust filter, equipment can be effectively divided into cartridge filter and bag filter according to the structure.
            The filter material filter is mainly made of polyester, aramid, polyester cloth, ordinary material, coating material, mat mat fiber, polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber filter material, effective filtering area equipment can be increased by 3 times effective, can reduce the pressure effectively, improve the air volume.
            The filter with low emission, the surface of the filtering efficiency is doubled, the integrated design of the equipment, the equipment in the installation and maintenance of the process is very convenient in use, can reduce the parking time, shorten the filter elements, reduce the wear of the leaky.
            Cleaning pressure filter requirements are reduced, so to some extent can effectively save the energy consumption of the equipment, the design is very compact, it can reduce the filter area, realize the effective filtration of ultrafine powder, conductive polyester dipping, smooth surface treatment options.
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