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    Purchase requirements of filter dust collector and characteristics of filter media
    發布者:Wan He  發布時間:2017/8/14 10:48:38  點擊:3211
            The dust filter in the process of operation can effectively separate the dust from flue gas effectively, the main performance of the device can effectively deal with the amount of gas, the gas through the dust collector when the resistance loss and the dust removal efficiency to express, filter operation, maintenance costs, service life and the price is also considered the main factors of its performance.
            The filter can effectively make the dusty flow effectively through the filter material and the effective separation of the dust collector, the sand, gravel, coke particles such as cheap as the filter material of the granular layer dust remover is remarkable in high temperature exhaust dust, dust filter dust removal efficiency can be as high as 99%.
            In the process of purchasing, the filter dust collector must consider the air volume, composition, humidity, temperature and other factors effectively. Bag filter is not suitable for high humidity and oil containing flue gas purification; flammable and explosive gas purification is suitable for wet dust collector.
            The filter is a core part of the dust filter, the operation work affecting its performance is very large, in the process of material selection must be considered in the dust containing gas characteristics, properties such as dust and gas filter, good performance should have a large amount of dust, moisture absorption performance high efficiency, low resistance, long service life.
            The characteristics of filter dust collector, and its fiber properties in addition to the outside, but also in the use of the relationship between the structure and the surface of the filter material is particularly large, the equipment surface smooth filter dust holding capacity is small, convenient cleaning, suitable for low dust concentration and sticky dust
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