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    Dust cleaning mode and selection requirements of dust collector
    發布者:Wan He  發布時間:2017/8/23 15:26:59  點擊:3482
            Esp of different types will be different in the dust removal effect when used for equipment running status is unstable or the fluctuation of dust removal system is larger, the need to pay attention when using the flue gas treatment volume change on dust removal efficiency, normal operation, dust collector efficiency is high and low bag type dust collector, electrostatic precipitator and dust removal device.
            In the selection of effective dust collector according to the nature of the gas to choose, in use must be considered when gas flow rate, temperature, and humidity factors such as electric components, flue gas dust remover is suitable for large volume, temperature <400 purification, the flue gas quantity will not be restricted in their use.
            The flue gas should be used bag type dust collector rear cooling; bag type dust collector for treatment of high humidity and oily flue gas purification; flammable and explosive gas purification for wet dust collector; cyclone air volume is limited, when the flow rate is large, can use multiple dust collector in parallel.
            The dust and dust collector is not affected by the impact of resistance in use, the effect of concentration and particle size of the dust on the dust collector efficiency is very significant, but the impact on the bag type dust remover is not significant; when high concentrations of dust containing gas, esp should be set before pre cleaning device
            Ash and dust filtration velocity on cleaning dust in nature; wet dust remover is not suitable for the purification of water repellent and hydraulic dust: effect of dust on the true density of gravity dust collector, inertial filter and cyclone dust in the new report of significant; large, easily lead to dust work the cat face node or blocked, therefore, should not be used for dry dust; dust purification in water, can produce a mixture of flammable or explosive, not the wet dust catcher.

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