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    Maintenance and working principle of industrial dust collector
    發布者:Wan He  發布時間:2017/7/25 16:35:44  點擊:2904
            The need for effective industrial dust collector open the cylinder cover effectively check the dust storing bag is fastened before use, and the suction mouth is old, and then effectively cover the cylinder cover, check the power supply voltage, if necessary, pay attention to the effective motor reversing.
            Industrial vacuum cleaner industrial dust collector will use part of the belt type transmission, in the use of the need to replace the new conveyor belt, when in use will be cleaner and then open the back door, in replacement, if the belt is loose, it is need to open the door, and then adjust the effective control to the nut the appropriate location.
            Industrial dust remover in the use of attention when the machine is strictly prohibited the use of flammable and explosive places, if not special materials can not be sucked with the bag of burning fire and ultra high temperature materials, equipment is prohibited to use in the absence of the filter and filter bag case, otherwise will lead directly to the fan damage.
            Industrial dust remover or filter bag is the damage situation, in the process of using the need for timely replacement, do not continue to use the vacuum hose can not be compressed, after the stampede, enclosure temperature is higher, especially in the continuous work for a long time, pay attention to burn.
            Industrial dust collector dust storage barrel biological savings too much debris, in the process of using the need for timely cleaning, regular cleaning of the filter bag and then filter, which can effectively ensure the smooth, cleaner overload, thermal relay control box will automatically cut off the power, so we have to unplug the power plug to pinpoint the cause. The thermal relay reset in use.
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