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    Filter material and mechanical device used in bag type dust collector
    發布者:Wan He  發布時間:2017/8/19 15:37:59  點擊:2866
            Bag filter in the use of the process of its dust removal efficiency is relatively high, under normal circumstances will generally be more than 99%, dust concentration of dust collector outlet within a few mg/m3, submicron particles of fine dust has a higher classification efficiency.
            The range of volume of bag type dust collector is wide, only small number of 1min m3 can be used for industrial furnace flue dust, to reduce emissions of air pollutants, the structure of the equipment is simple and convenient operation and maintenance, can guarantee the same high removal efficiency, the cost will be lower than the electric precipitator.
            Bag filter in use process will use its glass fiber, PTFE and other high temperature resistant filter material, the whole equipment can run at high temperature above 200 degrees, insensitive to dust characteristics, not affected by dust and resistance.
            The mechanical device the bag type dust collector, so that it will make the bag vibration cleaning bag filter dust, a dust collector for non chamber structure and the gap for continuous working chamber structure of two kinds of form.
            Bag type dust collector effective chamber structure, the valve chamber by changing air flow and reverse flow under the action of force the bag shaped deflated or bulging and cleaning bag filter ash. The reverse flow is provided by a high pressure fan or compressor, which is blown back through a moving nozzle.
            Bag type dust collector at runtime is mainly by compressed air cleaning power, pulse blowing mechanism in an instant the compressed air is discharged using the equipment, so that the bag has bulging, rely on shock vibration and reverse flow cleaning and baghouse ash.
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