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    Reverse blow reverse washing process and operation requirements of bag filter
    發布者:Wan He  發布時間:2017/8/30 14:54:16  點擊:2720
            The bag filter is mainly composed of two major parts of the shell and the filter bag, in the process of filtering is in the filter medium volume on the surface, the filtration process of the cleaning bag is used very convenient backblowing inverse washing process, this is a kind of novel filter device.
            The bag filter will filter the pump into the pressure vessel and filter it through the filter bag when it is used. When the equipment is being filtered, the diameter of the filter bag is larger than that of the cage, and the filter bag is close to the cage when the filter presses. Solid particles of bull intercepted cake is formed in the bag on the surface, through the discharge casing of the filtrate from the filter bag.
            When the filter cake layer adhered to the surface of the filter bag reaches the optimum thickness in the operation, the filter is removed and the residual liquid is discharged, and the slag is discharged by the compressed air back blowing filter bag. During the counter blowing, the filter bag expands back to its original diameter, and the filter cake on the outer wall of the filter bag is cracked into small pieces which are not connected together. The back blowing keeps the filter bag constantly vibrating, and the small filter cake falls continuously and gets rid of the dirt quickly and cleanly. After the cake is removed, the filter bag is recycled with the washing water, so that the filter bag is regenerated.
            When the bag filter is used, the reverse blowing reverse wash technology is adopted, so that the filter bag is kept in a clean state and is always filtered in a better state. Therefore, the bag filter is more suitable for the separation of the filter suspension containing more tiny particles and colloidal substances.
            The bag filter solves the problems of poor shock resistance and shock resistance of the existing bag filter. The technical scheme comprises the ash bucket is connected with the box, the product box provided with a feed inlet and outlet, the outlet hopper is arranged on the lower end of the box, the product through the air inlet device is connected with the inlet air intake device product includes a guide groove guide box and lower the upper part of the tank wall is the direction.

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